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Preparing learners for the next age of digital careers

I served as the product manager of instruction, using storytelling and data-driven decision-making to help place over one million students in careers by 2030.

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Project Highlights

Led a product initiative resulting in a 10% decrease in the highest company expense

Hosted workshops and created reusable product strategies to collaborate with, coach, and educate other product managers

Established quantitative framework through comprehensive data analysis to evaluate instructor success and its ties to student learning outcomes

Key Skills

  • B2B
  • Operations
  • User Research
  • Scrum
  • Data Analysis
  • Product Management
  • Roadmapping
  • Product Discovery
  • User Experience Design
  • Market Research
  • Agile
  • Web Apps
  • Career Coaching
  • Requirement Definition
A stock image of a person working on a computer, representing one of the learners Alicia Drinkwater's product team impacted.

Helping users across the globe upskill their passions

ThriveDX empowers individuals to thrive in the next age of digital careers through a market-driven curriculum and expert instructors. ThriveDX strategically partners with universities and businesses across the globe to provide a next-level learning experience.

Building for outcomes that drive business metrics

As a high-growth startup, it's easy to fall into The Build Trap. At ThriveDX, we worked to constantly escape the trap of building for the stake of building. To combat this, I centered my efforts around data by identifying KPIs, measuring iteratively, and prioritizing outcomes over outputs. Additionally, I served as a storyteller on our team, helping to share metrics we pushed and to advocate for the importance of strong product teams.

A stock image of a woman working on a computer, representing one of the instructors Alicia Drinkwater's product team helped by using data-driven product methodologies.

Finding product-market fit for a diversely motivated group

As the product manager of instruction, I was responsible for the product experience of our instructors, their surrounding operations teams, and the resulting student experience -- spanning both in-classroom interactions and curriculum quality. These diverse audiences, united by their goal to create and experience learning, required that our product team resolve a diverse set of problems and perspectives in simple solutions. To achieve this, I used user experience research techniques and fail-fast methodology to validate hypotheses early and often, helping to preserve our engineering time and escape the build trap.

A person working on a laptop surrounded by computer science textbooks, representing one of the learners Alicia Drinkwater's Agile product team helped.

Delivering dynamic interdepartmental roadmaps

When I first joined ThriveDX, I was part of a shared engineering team and split resources with 2-3 other product managers across separate customer topologies. This meant constantly stack-ranking my priorities against those of others, communicating cross-functionally, and in parallel, working with leadership to build out instruction's first dedicated product team. I communicated with leadership, on behalf of my teams, what we wanted to build, when, and why, obtaining buy-in from key stakeholders at all levels of the strict company hierarchy.

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