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Empowering product innovation

using outcome-driven, human-centered strategies.

I’m a product leader passionate about helping teams discover and define their path to product success by cultivating sustainable, innovative, and empowering product strategies.

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Alicia Drinkwater speaking about a startup software product to an audience in Georgia, United States.
A mockup of some of the startup SaaS products Alicia Drinkwater has launched.

Diverse product expertise developed over nearly a decade of experience

Since 2016, I’ve built my career as a product leader through diverse experiences with startups of all sizes and scales. In addition to serving as a Senior Product Manager at BuildBook, I’m passionate about extending my product knowledge through consultation and coaching services to help others harness the power of data and human-centric design processes.

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Product strategy that builds fast-learning, empowered product teams.

Driving product-market fit through custom strategies and solutions

A mockup of a data visualization Alicia Drinkwater created to represent user research their team conducted.

With diverse experience spanning product management, user experience, and business strategy, I've developed a versatile approach. I tailor solutions to fit each product, team, and user base, accelerating our path to product-market fit.

My product philosophy is influenced by experts like Marty Cagan and Melissa Perri. I champion the missionary mindset, prioritizing purposeful dedication over transactional outputs. I believe in measuring progress by tangible results, embracing the value of rapid iteration, learning from failures, and fostering innovation. This blend of expertise and values drives consistent success and growth for my projects and clients.

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“Alicia knows how to dig in and find processes that will continue her growth as well as adding value to your company. … She will be an asset to your team, as I know she is definitely an asset to ours.”

- Sharon Tackett, CSA360

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