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Centralizing static security management

I implemented Agile techniques to empower and reconnect an overworked team plagued by miscommunications.

An image of a B2B SaaS platform Alicia Drinkwater led while building a product team built on empathetic leadership.

Project Highlights

Used emotional leadership to reconnect a burned-out team

Improved developer efficiency by 150% within six months of strategy implementation

Designed and led product bootcamp internship programs, leading to a 400% increase in program size

Key Skills

  • SaaS
  • B2B
  • Mobile Apps
  • Kanban
  • Operations
  • Scrum
  • Product Management
  • Roadmapping
  • Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Agile
  • Web Apps
  • Career Coaching
  • Requirement Definition
  • Leadership
  • Hiring
  • People Management
A mockup of a B2B SaaS startup product Alicia Drinkwater consulted.

Centralizing sensitive security data

CSA360 streamlines the security operations experience. It empowers users by simplifying complicated tasks, communicating their facilities' data, and providing a constant "360 view" of their team.

Driving outcomes through organizational change

When I joined CSA360, Agile and Waterfall were used in an ineffective blend. I quickly got to work to stop the daily scope changes, to facilitate more effective communication, and to create an environment where all roles in the project were equally valued and protected. My leadership strategy empowers teams to organize, trust, and connect, giving them the tools and motivation they need to succeed.

A screenshot of an app Alicia Drinkwater built using Agile project management methodologies.

Building infrastructure to support high-demand teams

While the emotional leadership strategies I implemented brought our team's focus back, there was still a long way to go operationally. I implemented multiple Scrum-based practices, including stand-ups, retrospectives, backlog grooming sessions, and sprints to add the operations infrastructure supporting the team's new motivation. These changes combined rose development efficiency by nearly 150%.

Read the case study A person in a control room using CSA360, a startup that Alicia Drinkwater consulted with.

Rapidly prioritizing conflicting interests

We had a team able and ready to work on new features for the first time in months, which made prioritization more important than ever. I worked diligently to balance the high-priority customers that funded our business with known internal needs for market expansion. Even after my official tenure with the company, I returned as a consultant to re-focus operations, evaluate user experience design, and expedite prioritization.

A person using one of the B2B startup products Alicia Drinkwater managed using rapid iteration methodologies.

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